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China nonwovens development status and prospect
Dec 16, 2015

In recent years, the non-woven industry has developed rapidly in China, rapid growth in the volume of production and marketing, but there have been some problems in the development process, such as the low rate of mechanization and industrialization issues such as slow, and the reasons are manifold, in addition to management, marketing factors technical weakness, lack of basic research is a major obstacle. Although in recent years has accumulated rich production experience, but have not yet theorized, it is difficult to guide production.
Various infrastructure projects starts in China continues to increase, these projects require a lot of geotextile, filtration materials, waterproof materials, packaging materials, their consumption significantly. Incomes of Chinese consumers also will pull all kinds of sanitary absorbent products and materials for air filtration, medical supplies and protective sports goods consumption. Therefore, non-woven fabric industry in China has great potential for growth in the future.



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