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non-woven textile industry has made great progress in recent years
Dec 16, 2015

As of 1998, non-woven consumption around the world has reached 2.4 million tons. In 1970, the consumption of only 400,000 tons, and by 2007, consumption is expected to reach 4 million tons.
Non-woven fabric producers are mainly concentrated in the United States (World 41%), Western Europe accounted for 30%, Japan 8%, China accounted for only 3.5% of the world, its consumption for 17.5% around the world.
At present, still dominated the non-woven production of man-made fiber, and before 2007, this situation does not change. Worldwide for the production of non-woven fibers, 63% PP, polyester 23%, 8% rayon, 2% for acrylic fiber and 1.5% polyamide, the remaining 3% for other fibers.
In recent years non-woven sanitary absorbent materials, medicine, transportation, footwear with textile materials have significantly increased the amount of applications



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