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The description of melt blown nonwoven fabrics
Jul 23, 2016

Melt blown describes a process by which nonwoven materials can be manufactured directly from granules. A special spinning process in conjunction with high-speed hot air is utilised in the production of fine-fibred materials of varying structure. These materials are of excellent quality, versatile and easily processed.

Granules melted in an extruder are fed directly via a viscose pump to the nozzle block. Following discharge from

the nozzle tip, the polymer is stretched by means of compressed, hot process air. The resultant microfibre web is placed

on an air-permeable screening belt. For laminate manufacture, the melt-blown unit is extended by an uncoiler in front

of and behind the nozzle, with a calander for bonding the fed materials.

In this manner, material consisting of single, double or multiple layers is produced. For optimal further
processing, the trimmed and cut-to-size microfibre web is wound by a winder. Meltblown has characteristics of high opacity, low porosity, excellent absorbency and exceptional insulation and filtration.

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